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Hello, I'm Vevageno and I have an asston of time on my hands

I like Homestuck as a whole, but I favor the carapaces and the Intermission part of the story; along with the Medigo trolls of course.

I will occasionally blog about other stuff that I enjoy, like movies and music :U you know the usual for most blogs.

Sometimes I draw, there should be a link up there somewhere.

But aside from Homestuck you'll see some Tokyo Ghoul, Judge Dredd, Lady Snowblood, Hellblazer and AUs I think of :y

I run a silly ask blog on the side called inquire-the-handmaid

And a sortof web comic called Smoking Damara (which is on hiatus)


Me when I see one leaf turn vaguely orange




Perhaps you’ve been hearing about the Feng Shui 2 kickstarter? Well, let me introduce you to Ying Wu, my noodle chef/big bruiser who is taking her pot, her sword and her attitude to the Tang Dynasty as we speak. If that sounds fun to you, you might wanna get in on this kickstarter before it’s over.

I heard you liked swords and musclebound violence so I’m sharing this with you all.

Sounds like mighty fun!


the wwf’s living planet report 2014, which discovered that we’ve lost half of all the world’s wildlife in the past fourty years, showed more specifically that the population of common dormice dropped by 43 percent between 1993 and 2010.

not only are dormice vulnerable to habitat loss, but they’re hesitant to cross open fields, and the grubbing out of hedgerows in recent decades has removed the wildlife corridors between woods that has allowed the dormice to move more freely to new habitat.  

dormice have very specialized diets of berries and nuts, and with less habitat they are unable to seek out enough food to fatten up before their six month hibernation (which was featured in these two posts). 

photos by (click pic) andrea zampatti, richard austin xmiroslav hlávkobengt lundberg, david kjaer and ingo ardnt

Witch handmaid and her cat familiar droog :y

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peaceful times before the skeleton war

it’s only the 3rd day and im all ready falling behind >.>