Stupid Night Thoughts
Hello, I'm Vevageno and I have an asston of time on my hands

I like Homestuck as a whole, but I favor the carapaces and the Intermission part of the story; along with the Medigo trolls of course.

I will occasionally blog about other stuff that I enjoy, like movies and music :U you know the usual for most blogs.

Sometimes I draw, there should be a link up there somewhere.

But aside from Homestuck you'll see some Tokyo Ghoul, Judge Dredd, Lady Snowblood, Hellblazer and AUs I think of :y

I run a silly ask blog on the side called inquire-the-handmaid

And a sortof web comic called Smoking Damara (which is on hiatus)

Sorry for the crappy pictures, but this is my silent hill nurse progress.

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